Sunday, June 22, 2008

Who I used to be

I got the opportunity to go to Toccoa Falls today. It's this little waterfall tucked away on the backside of a college campus in Toccoa, GA where I've been for the past few weeks. I went with some new friends and it was awesome. The sound of the water rushing over the side of the cliff soothed me in a way I had forgotten existed.

As I climbed through well worn paths and trails previously cut by would-be explorers, I was reminded of who I used to be. I was reminded what it was like to be the adventurous kid with little in the way of fear who would strike out on adventures with or without friends by my side. I was reminded of what it was like to camp, fish, hike and bike with little regard for anything save the experience. I was reminded what it was like to blaze trails and to construct stories of explorers of old who had trod the same paths where my feet now stood. I was reminded of a simpler time where life was good, not because it was always naturally that way, but rather because I was committed to search hard enough, and dig deep enough to find the good. I was reminded what it was like to search for a treasure made that much sweeter by its pursuit. I want to go back there.

I want to again blaze trails and not expect the status quo to satisfy me. I want to push limits and defy boundaries to keep me penned in. I want to press past what is seen for the sheer hope that a more exciting something lays just beyond a seemingly imperceptible veil. I want to be limited only by my ability to imagine and my willingness to attain what I dream of. I am limitless because God is limitless and I dare boundaries to stand in my way. God, help me to always remember that.

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