Saturday, June 07, 2008

Go Tell Day 1

Ok, I arrived in Atl today and made it to the camp. It's pretty sweet. Bordering a lake is some of themost pristine and beautiful land I have seen. I'm really loving it so far and really think these next few weeks are going to be amazing. I'll have the time to read and write that I haven't had in quite a while. I'll do the whole nature walk thing, and who knows, maybe I'll even start running again (I do have new sneakers after all). Yeah, this'll be a good trip, worship daily with a bunch of kids passionate for Jesus and hanging out with some pretty cool guys. I'm excited. The only thing I'm not excited about is the state of the video rack I'm to be using. The guy who had it before me obviously believed int he "do everything from memory" method, so nothing is labeled and nothing really makes sense. But that's tomorrow's problem. For now, I'm off to read some more. Until later...


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