Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Hope of Silence

So, I'm sitting out here at the lake listening...to nothing, and it's the most beautiful nothing I've ever heard. There are no city sirens, no artificial light, no distracting things to draw me away from this...nothing. Now more than ever before I understand why God time and time again tells people to go into the middle of nowhere to seek Him. Its in these nowhere places that, all too often we find him more than we thought possible, and definitely more than we anticipated. It's in these nowhere moments that God speaks in the voice of the breeze rustling through the trees, or touches us as it brushes past our skin. It's here that God tells us to listen up as the gentle sound of birds reminds us that there's more to our life than our here and our now, but that this thing has been going on for far longer than we can imagine and we are just a part. It reminds us that the part we play is God's to direct and if we will let him, we'll see a masterpiece created. It reminds us of hope- the hope found in silence.
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Nathan said...

Yeah, I'd like to get some of that nothing right about now. Ask God some questions for me while you're out there. Miss you man! It was really fun having you around.

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous. You are enjoying the beauty and tranquility of nature, and I'm in the basement :(

Good to talk with you this morning.

Anonymous said...
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