Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Pursuit of Holiness

within Christian culture, we often speak of the "pursuit" of things like holiness, but what does this mean? Is holiness an ever moving target that we are constantly striving after? Is it something which can be attained, or will it constantly be shifting and changing, becoming ever more elusive as its parameters and requirements consistently change? Is there an ultimate standard of holiness to which we ascribe, or is even that shifting? I know the Bible says to "be holy as (God) is holy," but is that genuinely possible? Look at the Israelites in the Bible, even their holiness came in levels. The kind of holiness the Levites were called to was vastly different from that which the average Israelite found themselves ascribing to. You didn't see Ashimibimilech (name changed to protect the ignorant- me) going through nearly the level of purification that Aaron and his peeps did. Why not? If there is no respect of persons in God, should this be the case? If the Bible speaks of there being neither Jew nor Greek in God's eyes, shouldn't that mean there is some ultimate standard of "holy" that we are in pursuit of or are we genuinely called to have a level of "holy" we seek after? If levels, how do we know what our specific one is? Thoughts?
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