Thursday, March 16, 2006

I loved you from the moment
when through your eyes I saw your soul
when sheepish over shoulder
a glance I stole
away from childish dreams
and fancied nights
of tossing turning restlesness
and early autumn light
breaks down the pathway to the heart
wherein I've hid
the secret scars that bind me
find me oft cowering within
the smiles built up walls with moated
failsafe fallback plans
that bid me all too often
play it safe
from danger and deceit
hurt lies and fearful chance
stay tucked away fhalf complete
locked in the dance
of going nowhere
moving back as fast I gain
footholds towards tomorrow
hope is lain
bare before reality
but there rising from indemnity
I see light
where once the perfidy
of my occluded treachery
kept me locked in as the enemy
of myself
i fight
you push
in final gasp for light
i find
You were always there

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