Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Silent, questioning, she wondered
aloud and tried to find
the answers to her queries
and end to troubled mind
Though beginning was her journey
neverending was her search
long necked tower as her steeple
rock and blues her hymns of church

and we stood there on the corner
Superstar and saints in wait
deciphering tomorrow
while unfolding brittle faith

She spoke to me of striving
by strength and faith to contend
for the secret silence angels speak
that trumpet worlds without an end

I told her of my falling when she asked about my faith
a momentary meeting
of humanity and grace

I told her that through failure
flowing gently from the cross
is a prayer that claims forgiveness
salvation for the lost

And we paused while looking upward
towards a future we can't see
we dared to dream forgiveness
and in the still, heard small voice speak

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