Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Journey Begins Again

So, a few days ago I packed my car with the few belongings that I had with me in Tulsa (the rest of them are in Edom), and set out to Dallas. It's at the same time overwhelmingly exciting and grippingly frightening. I know that it can seem at times cliche to say that it feels like Abram did when God told him to go to a land he would tell him, but that's pretty much how I feel. I left Tulsa this time with nothing particular to head towards besides a promise that there is more to this life than I have lived thus far. I have to desperately hold on to this promise because right now it's what I have. I mean, I know God is fully able to arrive at the point of this need and deliver me, as He has done for countless others, countless times before, but nevertheless I have to remind myself of that sometimes. I left Tulsa because I knew that my emotional and spiritual well being depended on it, and I have to know that God is looking to honor obedience.

Yesterday, I think I found an apartment that I like and am going to submit my application today. I also found a roommate. He's substantially younger than me, but seems pretty cool, so we'll see how it all works out. Beyond all that, it just makes smart financial sense for me to make this decision. So, I'm making my decision based on that. I have no idea how God is going to work it all out over the next several days as I look for jobs and such, but He's faithful so I keep believing that He will. Is it blind faith? No, but I am continually aware of grace beyond myself available and extended to me for reasons I still can't always fathom. God really is faithful, and I need to learn to thank Him in advance for his faithfulness to me. So, pray for me as chapter (dear Lord, I have no idea what chapter number this would be) begins. This should be a good one.

Pursue. Original.

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