Monday, May 19, 2008

Child Sex Changes? What's wrong with us?

So, I stumbled upon this article on today and was more than a little disturbed. What is this world coming to when we are offering things like sex changes to kids as young as 7?!
I mean seriously. All of a sudden kids are capable of making decisions about their sexuality when the options to pick out their clothes or eat are still handled by their parents- how does that make sense to anyone? But yet here we are, and this crackpot doctor is actually defending his actions. How is this logical? How is this sensible? How does this even smack of anything closely resembling medicine and how is it not akin to child abuse? Ok, I'm done with this venting session, feel free to comment.

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petrov82 said...

that is some sick stuff...parents are supposed to be able to raise their kids without this whacked out type of stuff invading a 7 tr old's consciousness...